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Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont Spotlight Small Standard Flower Show Exhibits at VT Flower Show

Photo by Carolyn L. Bates

Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont Spotlight Small Standard Flower Show Exhibits at the VT Flower Show

March 3-5, 2023, Vermont Flower Show 

Out of Hibernation, The Magic of Pooh. 

The Federated Garden Club of Vermont Judges' Council

An NGV Small Standard Flower Show.

Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, VT 


The floral landscapes were stunning at the “Spring Comes to the 100-Acre Wood” – “Out of Hibernation: The Magic of Pooh” 2023 Vermont Flower Show.  The National Garden Club Small Standard Flower Show had enchanting exhibits of Design, Horticulture, Educational, Youth, and Botanical Arts sponsored by The Federated Garden Club of Vermont Judges’ Council with assistance and support from Green Works, the Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association. 

The indoor flower show, from Friday, March 3 through Sunday, March 5 inspired new ideas for outdoor spaces and a remedy for spring fever. The exhibitors were enthusiastic garden club members throughout Vermont including: Arlington Garden Club, The Burlington Garden Club, Randolph Garden Club, Rutland Garden Club, and St. Albans Garden Club. Each exhibit brought the magic of spring to life for those who attended. 

“Inside the Honey Pot,” the Judges’ Invitational Class featured creative, colorful, coordinated designs focused on getting ready for spring. The immersive floral spectacular delighted the senses using balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, scale, and rhythm.

“Roo in the Pouch” displayed the principles of Parallel Design. Beautiful flowers and other plant material were used to create distinct, visually pleasing parallel patterns.

“Christopher Robin Meets Pooh” explored Tubular Designs of fresh plant material and magical combinations of flowers. Tubular floral designs incorporated dominant cylindrical forms throughout.


 “Eeyore’s Song” were entries of Cascade Designs. Cascade Design emphasizes the downward rhythmic movement of flowers and other plant material with a minimum of components extending upward. 


The Horticulture sections and classes of “Let it Grow” included specimens of live branches, foliage, plants, flowering plants, cacti, and succulents. The Evergreen branches and foliage, and Deciduous and Rhododendron branches   displayed provided a vivid reminder of live trees and shrubs in late Winter.

The variety of flowering, foliage, and “Prickly and Puffy” Cacti and Succulent plants grown in containers provided hope and inspiration to all houseplant enthusiasts who viewed them.


“Growing Smarter”, the theme for the Educational Exhibits were interactive and engaging immersive posters and included: Green Trees of the Green Mountain State, The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers and How to be Involved in the Local Garden Clubs in Vermont.


The delightful immersive educational posters made by Elementary School children K- 5 included: “Smarter Than You Think” - Hens and Chickens and Lady Finger Cactus.


“Up, Down, Touch the Ground” the Youth poster and plant exhibits were the class work of Elementary School students. The school children showcased remarkable colorful, heartwarming scenes of growing and sustaining succulents and cactus.


 “A Nice Place for Picnics” Botanical Arts: Horticulture scenes were miniature, decorative Fairy Gardens consisting of tiny accessories and small plants made by Montgomery VT Elementary School students. The little gardens sparked imagination and brought an amazing, enchanted world of “fairies” to life.


“Hanging Out with Pooh” Botanical Arts Artistic Crafts were inspirational designs using dried and or fresh plant material to create Honey Pots for Pooh and highlighted the amazing creative talents of the artist adults who made them.


Kathy Perkins, Flower Show General Chairman, stated, “The whimsical Magic of Pooh themes were showcased with live flowers, and plants throughout the show. Featured landscapes inspired the feeling of hope for a brighter Spring ahead. Flower Shows give back to the community. They make a creative impact when local garden clubs offer and participate in creating a floral inspired garden show in communities throughout Vermont”.


Photos from the Vermont Flower Show 


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