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Highlights from our 20224 Annual Meeting

On June 11th, we had our annual meeting. Here are some of the news and awards that we were pleased to announce.


As every year, awards were given out during out meeting. Here are four of the National Garden Club Awards for FGCV 2024.


The National Garden Club President, Brenda Moore, who hails from West Virginia and Doris Van Mullen receiving the State President recognition certificate and all Vermont awards. 



Three Honorable Mentions were awarded in the Educational Poster Contest by the Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont. 

 Congratulations to The Burlington Garden, the Garden Club of Manchester, the Granite Center Garden Club, and the Four Seasons Garden Club!


2024 Spring Photo Series Winners!

Best Overall: Rose Godard, Burlington Garden Club

The subject’s brilliant complementary colors and crisp outline popping against the soft green of the leaves that mimic the flower petals and a little peek-a-boo of color in the background is a winning combination.

Best Theme: Fran Batchelder, Four Seasons Garden Club

This collection of pretties presented so beautifully is composed well and the hint of a homey background gives it a welcoming sense of place.

Honorable Mention: Margie Larson, Burlington Garden Club

The Jack-in-the Pulpit is surrounded by a tapestry of pleasing textures with depth and the little surprise spot of color makes it worthy of an honorable mention.


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