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The following are NGC Projects or Programs and Grants:

Plant America Grants

Plant America is an NGC program that grants up to $1000 to NGC clubs that plan some form of community project, often pairing with other local clubs or groups.  These projects may be in the following categories:  beautification and/or restoration, community gardens, school gardens, landscaping for Habitat for Humanity Homes, and landscaping of Blue Star Memorial Markers.  Members implement environmental practices and provide a horticulture or environmental educational event for the public.

Each One Plant One is an offshoot program started by NGC in 2019 to promote the planting of trees in communities everywhere.

Ames Tools Grant Program

This grant program was started in 2014 and is a benefit of being an NGC member garden club.  The club may select tools up to a retail value of $250 for its community garden or garden therapy club project.  Projects may be a joint venture with another organization, however the garden club applying must be a member of NGC. 

Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl Poster Contest

This contest is open to all students by NGC annually.  It is a collaboration of NGC and the United States Forest Service, an agency of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture… a partnership that spans over 75 years.  The contest encourages budding young artists to create a colorful poster that showcases their talents, as well as an understanding of critical messages from the icons of the U.S. Forest Service - Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl.  The winner of the contest will be honored with a recognition ceremony in Washington, D.C.  For more information and contest forms visit gardenclub.org/smokey-bear-woodsy-owl-poster-contest.

Penny Pines

Since launching a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, NGC has raised funds for Penny Pines, a program dedicated to sustaining national and urban forests.  Members collect pennies at their meetings.  Each $68 collected will entail planting one acre of replacement seedlings that are indigenous to the damaged areas, whether by insects, fires, or natural catastrophes.  The plantations provide soil and watershed protection, soil stabilization, as well as beauty and shade for recreation.

NGC Schools

NGC offers Environmental, Gardening, Landscape Design, and Flower Show Schools providing an opportunity for attendees to increase their knowledge of the environment, expand interest in gardening, embrace creativity in floral design and beautify homes and communities using landscape design principles.  Information on these schools may be found on the NGC website gardenclub.org.

Blue Star Memorials

The Blue Star Program honors all men and women that serve in the U.S. Armed Services.  This program began with the planting of 8,000 dogwood trees by the NJ Council of Garden Clubs in 1944 as a living memorial to veterans of WWII.  Presently his program covers thousands of miles across the U.S, Alaska, and Hawaii where these highway markers are placed.  Blue Stars represent living service members.

Gold Star Markers 

Gold Star Families is a non-profit organization created to provide support to those who have lost a loved one in service to our country through the U.S. Armed Forces.  Markers are placed along the highways as are Blue Star Markers.  Gold Star markers represent those who had lost their lives. NGC clubs often raise money in their communities and among their members to erect these markers.  A dedication ceremony accompanies the markers as they are placed.

Happy Female Gardener

March 10, 2021

Good day gardeners,

Hooray!  It’s finally March, the month that brings on Spring!  Soon we will see green shoots underneath the melting snow and our thoughts of gardening will move to the fore front of our minds.  The awards for the Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont are due to me by June 1 this year.  This date is later than previous years due to the fact that the state meeting is being held in July instead of June.  At the moment we don’t have a website so I am emailing you a copy of the application form, and the categories for awards. You will see that the categories have been revised to make the awards requirements a bit more clear. If you don’t have the exact total number of members for our state you can leave that blank and I will fill it in.  When sending in your applications it is helpful if you include a cover sheet listing the awards you are applying for.  Please know that if you have any questions let me know via email, kittyfurman@comcast.net, or by phone, 802 438 5108.  I hope to see you at our annual spring meeting on July 20 at the Vermont Garden Park in South Burlington, VT
Kitty Furman
762 Pleasant St.
West Rutland, VT 05777
802 438 5108


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