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2023 October Photo Series

"Fall in its Glory"

Tips from Karen: Here are some things to think about while taking photos.  Is there a focal point and is it in focus?  Is there anything in the photo, e.g., in the background, that is detracting from the focal point?  Do landscapes have a foreground, middle ground, and background?  Are the colors vibrant or are they washed out or too dark?  Is there a good range between light and dark areas?  Is the photo straight or crooked?  Many photos can be improved by judicious cropping.  Try taking photos from many different angles, in different lighting conditions, from different distances, and up close and closer still.  Experiment and have fun!

A special thank you to Karen Vatne. We are grateful for the dedicated work of Karen and her expertise to see this project come to fruition. Never doubt the difference you make. It is huge and so is our thanks to you.  Thank you to Carolyn Bates for her thoughts on the series themes and titles.

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