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Blooming Garden

Watch the Arlington Garden Club on "Our Gardens" (GNAT-TV)

It’s May, and it’s the beginning of the gardening year in New England!

GNAT Programs • Originally Posted On May 24, 2023

In this episode of “Our Gardens,” we divide some flowering, shade-loving perennials and plant some vegetables (kale and potatoes). We also have a conversation with the Arlington Garden Club about what community gardening really means, and we talk about creating a lasting display with the best blooms of May, the simple yet elegant Tulip. No matter if you’re a new gardener or an experienced one, join us each month as we explore the joys and thrills of gardening in New England.

“Our Gardens” is a co-production of GNAT-TV, Inc, and Blanket Fort Entertainment, LLC. All music was sourced through This episode features Pat Williams, Jean Freebern, and Barbara Zuk of the Arlington Garden Club (


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