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Recent Meetings Around the State - Minutes

Central Region Spring District Meeting
Monday, April 11, 10:00 AM
Vermont Tech Enterprise Center
Randolph, Vermont

The meeting was called to order by FGCV President, Sue Hinkel, at 10:05. There were twelve members in attendance; list is attached. After introductions, Sue announced the date for the Annual Meeting which will be on Friday, June 17, at Shelburne Museum’s Pizzagalli Gallery. This is the 74th anniversary of FGCV.
By-laws changes to be voted at the Annual Meeting were discussed, including a smaller Executive Committee of nine members and the opportunity for all members to vote. Sue is looking for volunteers to be 1st Vice President and the Recording Secretary.
The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge was given to all members. Clubs are asked to register all gardens at www.millionpollinatorgardens.org and to submit before and after photos. There will be additional information on the NGC website in May.
National Garden Week is June 5-11, 2016, and will be proclaimed by Gov. Peter Shumlin.
Members discussed their clubs’ fundraising events.
Under new business, Pam Hebert brought up the subject of NER Director and Vermont’s turn to submit a name. Gay Gaston moved that Susan Hinkle be nominated to serve as NER Director for the term of 2017-2019 and Pam Hebert seconded the motion. The motion passes with a unanimous vote.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:40.
Respectfully submitted,

Gay D. Gaston, Central District Director

After the meeting the members ate lunch and shared more ideas from their clubs. Susan Stoehr of Mountain Gardeners spoke with Sue and volunteered to take the position of Recording Secretary.

Northern Region Spring District Meeting

Meeting Minutes
Spring District Meeting – Northern Region
Federated Garden Club of Vermont
Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish Holy Cross Catholic Church, 301 Brooklyn Street, Morrisville
1. Call to order at 9:19 a.m.
2. Attendance:
a. Sue Hinkel, President (Garden Club of Manchester, Manchester)
Caroline Frey, Past President (Seed and Weed Garden Club, St Johnsbury)
Kelly Wakefield (St Albans Garden Club, St Albans)
Lee Rousseau (Granite Center Garden Club, Barre)
Christine Rousseau (Granite Center Garden Club, Barre)
Donna Mapes (Burlington Garden Club, Burlington)
Suzanne Suthers (Burlington Garden Club, Burlington)
Sue Hinkel provided a brief description of the organizational structure of Federated Garden Clubs (FGC) and
how the New England Region and Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont (FGCV) fit into that structure. She also explained that FGCV is divided into 3 regions, Northern (6 clubs), Central (5 clubs), and Southern (6 clubs). The Bennington Garden Club is also a member of Garden Clubs of America (GCA) and that GCA has a great website.
Proposed Bylaw changes to be voted on at the June 17 FGCV Annual Meeting
Decrease Officers
New Structure of Executive Board - President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, District Director
Recommendation of Sally Ayrey, Steven Dates, Jane Murphy
Caroline Frey voiced her opinion that a Historian should remain on the Board
Eliminate all committee chairs
Eligibility to vote on Bylaws
i. All members in attendance would be allowed to vote on Bylaw changes
c. Addition of a new article to address electronic meetings and electronic voting
Will establish a new policy
Policy would follow the precedent already set by National Garden Clubs
iii. Policy should include some guidelines for keeping complete records of results 5. Annual Meeting
NGC President Sandy Robinson (from London Kentucky) will be attending
Date: was changed from June 16 to Friday, June 17th
Registration: deadline will be two weeks prior to event, June 3rd
Pizzagalli Center at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT (not at Shelburne Farms)
No additional charge for admission to the museum
Distributing the meeting announcement - Sue Hinkel will provide an announcement to the Regional Presidents who will forward it on to their members
St Albans Garden Club will provide flowers for the tables, registration table, and bathrooms
Caroline Frey, Registrar. St Albans Garden Club and Granite Center Garden Club will help
out at the registration table
Name tags, Sue Hinkel will contact Steven Dates of Burlington Garden Club to see if he will
print name tags for us
For those who need a hotel room, the Days Inn (South Burlington/Shelburne) has $79 rooms
Meeting Agenda:
i. Registration: 9a.m.
ii. Meeting Begins: 9:30 a.m.
Business Meeting: will include a vote on the By-law changes described above
Program: First a representative of Shelburne Museum will speak about the history of
the Museum then the main speaker (another representative of Shelburne Museum)
will speak about the Museum’s gardens
iii. Lunch: estimated cost for a box lunch is $35 (with several selections to choose from) iv. Awards
Open Officer Positions:
a. 1st Vice President
b. Recording Secretary – Susan Shrayer of Mountain Gardeners recently volunteered for the position
NGC President’s Projects (Sally Robins)
Pollinator gardens
i. Million Pollinator Garden Challenge
1. At least one per club (best would be one per member)
a. Garden can be as small as 4x4, or, a container garden
b. Can be an existing garden 2. Photos
a. Take a photo of the garden when it is still bare earth
Sue Hinkel will send a reminder
Will be displayed at the Annual Meeting
b. Take another photo of the garden when it is in full bloom
3. Register and upload a photo of your gardens at millionpollinatorgardens.org
ii. Pollinator Power Program
Educational newsletter (geared to 6th grade level) coming to the NGC website in May
Developed by NGC Environmental Committee. Pamphlet could be used in
connection with a youth gardening program.
iii. The Frightened Frog book for children available on NGC website
$10 for hard cover book
free download of teaching to accompany the book
National Garden Week
June 5-11, 2016
Made request for Governor Shumlin to declare the dates
Great opportunity to advertise local garden clubs and FGCV
Newspapers, Facebook, at schools, libraries, Garden Centers, etc
Posters are available at NGC website
FGCV Fundraiser
St Albans Garden Club has 144 Atlas Garden Gloves available
All are size medium
Available in packages of 12
iii. Colors selections are blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink
Each FGCV club may decide if they wish to sell gloves on behalf of FGCV
Clubs may purchase the gloves at $8.50 (paid in advance) and should sell them for $8.50
Original cost of gloves was $4.50 each, FGCV will retain the $4.00 profit (per glove)
Contact Sue Hinkel or Kelly Wakefield if you wish to participate
NGC gardenclub.org user=member password=flight
NER ngcner.org
FGCV vermontfgcv.com password=sugarmaple
CarolineFreywillforwardinformationfromtheNationalCommitteeaboutneonicotinoids(asystematic insecticide that is very harmful to the environment)
The group discussed ideas for boosting a club’s membership
Some clubs are reimbursing members for successfully completing a certification class offered through NGC. Middlebury is offering a scholarship to someone for successfully completing the Master Gardener Program
One club holds evening meetings to make it easier for working members to attend. They also coordinated the date and time with Master Gardeners in order to make it more convenient for members who are also involved in that program. Meetings begin with a pot-luck dinner followed by a member interactive business meeting, a speaker, or a workshop. Not every meeting is the same format.
Hold your meetings over the lunch hour so that working members can attend. Have your speaker start at noon and do the remainder of your meeting either before or after the speaker.
Advertise yourself at your local farmers market, garden centers, health food stores, schools, libraries.
Be visible to the public! Work on your garden projects on the weekend when passers-by will see
your club in action.
Partner with another garden club to share the cost for a really special speaker.
Hands on meetings are more appealing to younger members and older members can benefit too
because they can observe and still have a good opportunity for socializing.
Make it known that you aren’t your grandmother’s garden club any more. Things have changed and
garden clubs have become more casual.
One club charges $16 for their annual membership. They will typically meet in someone’s home or a
public space that is free of charge. Their annual membership fee covers the cost of all workshop
One club does not have honorary or associate members, all members are of the same status
One club assigns each member to a specific civic gardening program in order to spread the work
load evenly between all members.
Do your big membership drive in April when people are beginning to think about gardening.
Negotiate with your local library for meeting space in exchange for maintaining their gardens.
Approach your local garden centers about providing a discount to your members. Providing a garden
center coupon to members upon receipt of their annual membership dues may prompt payments
from your members.
Join with a youth group on some projects.
Have a table at your local farmers market. You can try to sell a few small items to offset any costs
you incur. But the goal is not to make money it is to get word out about your club. It’s also a good opportunity to educate and inform people. Possibly you could hand out small snip-its about bee friendly gardens.
Target the soon-to-be and newly retired age group when considering potential members.
Survey your members regarding meeting times and topics. Not all members will want the same
things so possibly you should gear things to the desires of your most active members.
Meeting adjourned at 11:45. Lunch was enjoyed by all.

Donna Mapes, Burlington Garden Club Minute taker for the Northern District Meeting.